Researches and Papers

During the inaugural international scientific conference hosted by the Department of Law within the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, numerous research papers across diverse fields and specialties were presented. These contributions originated from both international and local scholars hailing from Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. The papers presented during the conference have subsequently been published in the academic journal of Newroz University.

Aram Nabee Mohammed Wasani, Idrees Qadir Rasul, Awara Hussein Ahmed Ali

Mahmood Abusway

Aziz Aziz

Yousry Hassan Al-Qassas

Hassan Mustafa Hussein, Othman Ali Waysi

Oday Tulfah Mohammed Aldoury

Oday Tulfah Mohammed Aldoury

Eqbal Al-Abbas, Basim Mohsin Nayf, Majid Majhul Darwesh

Rana Mosbah Abdulmohsin Abdulrazaq

Muayad K. Hattab

Younis Salahuddin Ali

Dermot Cahill , Jing Wang

Fusion International Organizations "Between the facts of the consolidation of power over the state and the requirements of strengthening international jurisdiction"

Wisam Nihmat Ibrahim Alsahdi

Amhiday Mohammed Amhiday Alshibany

Soz Hameed Majid

Ali Abdelali

Salar Mohammed Haji, Jutyar Mohammed Rashid

Reda Mahmood Alabid

Mohammed Fathi Mohammed Aboelenan

Talib Braim Sulaiman; Bzhar Abdullah Ahmed; Jawhar Abdullah Mawlud

Rashad Twam

Hemn Hussein Hamad Ameen, Dana Abdul Karim Saeed

Aissa Maiza

Esmael Najmadin Zangna

Saad Rabih Abduljabar

Mahmood Elsherif

Ibrahim Mohammed Haje

Nabeel Althabhawi , Siti Fatimah Azzahra Bt Safe’e , Lee Hui Yi

Zina Salm Mohammed, Munir Hmood Dakhil

Jing Wang , Dermot Cahill

Shamsalden Aziz Salh

Imran Aslan, Bahalddin Faqe Ahmad Aziz

Sdqi Mohammedamin Issa

Ahmed Biad