The Soran Independent Administration

Soran (Kurdish: سۆران ,Soran) or Diyana (Kurdish: دیانا ,Diyana, Classical Syriac: ܕܐܝܢܐ) is a city in Erbil Governorate, and the capital of Soran District in Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Soran is one of the largest cities in Kurdistan Region with a population of about 125,000 people. 

The Soran Independent Administration consists of three main Districts: Choman, Rawanduz, and Mergasur, along with several Sub-Districts: Khelifan, Seedekan, Diyana, and Sreshma, as well as approximately 346 villages. The city of Soran serves as the central hub of the District and has experienced significant development due to the return of thousands of families to Kurdistan after years of displacement. The city is vibrant and dynamic, with recent advancements, including the establishment of the University of Soran which is one of the best universities in Kurdistan and Iraq. Soran Situated in a semi-plain area, it is bordered by the Zozik Mountain to the North, the Korek Mountain to the South, and the Handren Mountain to the East. Soran boasts three rivers: Balek, Balekiyan, and Bekhal. The weather is characterized by cold winters and hot summers, while spring and autumn offer a more moderate climate with pure air. The region includes three picturesque tourist destinations: Jundyan, Bekhal, and Waterfall Geli Ali Beg.